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The Little Cunt Wrecked Her Brother’s Football Jarsey

Diva fucked up! See, the little cunt threw a party at her brothers pad and while she was partying, she put on a signed football jersey of his and got pizza stains all over it. Now her brother wants a little payback – and since it would just be wrong for him to grudge-fuck his own sister, I told him I would do it for him – now ain’t that fucking kind of me? ;-)

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Poor little Diva was a bit pissed at first but I think she realized that the only way to get her brother off her back, was to let her brother make a video of her fucking me. Did I mention that I love my work? Now I’ve never been with a black girl before but there’s a first time for everything. I was surprised at how cute her little vagina was. In fact, this dainty little black hottie knows how to suck an old man’s lonely cock.

richard nailder plays with diva's perky teen tits as her brother watches black teen sucks an older white man's cock

Now don’t get me wrong – I thing it’s just terrible for a loving brother to pimp out his little sister but what the fuck – I’m getting some excellent coed vagina and we’re filming it so you can enjoy it too. It’s funny how many brothers get a raging fucking penis watching me fuck their sisters – sick fuckers! At least they have to keep the camera in their hands so they aren’t jerking off as they watch me fuck their sisters.

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Of course – it’s excellent with me if you jerk of to the homemade scenes of me fucking your sister – just bring her on by. Of course, if you’re a lover of sister smut, be sure to check out all of the sister scenes at

Oh – and yes, I’ll post the rest of the scenes next week.

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Maxi Booty Sucks And Fucks A 50-year-old-penis

What would you give to have the teenage pornstar Maxi Booty and her friends suck your meat for your 50th birthday? This is exactly what happened at Richard Nailder’s 50th birthday party – Maxi and her friends from Glass Mannequin had decided to throw a little birthday party for the old bastard that got them all into smut and soon the three were taking turns sucking and fucking the froward old bastard.

Maxi soon had her friends, Indica Young and Gracelynn Moans helping her suck the old man’s fat meat. Taking turns, the three coeds, two blondes, Indica and Gracelynn and the hard-bodied dark haired Maxi Booty gave the old man the birthday head of his life – what more can a an ask for on his birthday?

But what good is a cute teen with the undamaged perky rack and the shaved teen cunt if you can’t fuck the shit out of her? In fact, what good is a jumbo hard meat if you can’t stuff it into the tightest teen beaver you’ve ever known? And lucky for the old fuck, Maxi Booty has one of the tightest teen pussies he’s ever had the pleasure to fuck.  Of course, the old fart fucked her two cute teenage friends too but none felt quite the same on his puffy meat as the teenage pornstar Maxi Booty.

View the entire video clip plus hundreds of other exclusive amateur smut video clips on Glass Mannequin today – I did and I got to see Max swallow every drop of the old fuckers birthday sperm.

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I Have A Thing For Your Sister(s)

Some folk would call me a pervert – I call myself lucky!

A few months ago I decided to run an add in the local paper to see how many “sisters” I could fuck. The concept was simple: I’d run an add in the paper looking for brother’s that had been screwed over by their sisters. Say your sister wrecks your cars and leaves you hanging – you have no way of getting your dough back and the little cunt always has an excuse why she can’t pay you. That’s where I come in. I’m more than willing to extract a little retaliation on your sister, even willing to pay you a few cash for your trouble. All you have to do is drag the little cunt to my place and shoot her making her first smut video. Yup, you heard me tight, you get to shoot your sister while I fuck her! vengeance has never been so sweet!

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At the time I first ran the add, I had no idea what I was getting into. Since the first add, I’ve had the lovely opportunity to fuck dozens of guys little sisters but the ones that stand out best are the sisters – I mean real sisters of the sisters I fucked….. kinda confusing. Maybe it’s better to just say that Ryan had two sisters – and so did Demon – And I got to fuck both sets of sisters – lucky me!

me fucking the sisters

Now that I think about it – I am a fucking pervert – so if your sister is as cute as Anistaija and has ever pissed you off, why don’t you just Bring Me Your Sister!

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Man – Your Sister Is Sucking My Pecker

Some guy’s sisters are nice and innocent but if they are anything like my sisters, they are little whores and just play innocent around their daddy but they never hesitate to fuck their brothers over every chance they get.  That’s where I come in – drag your slutty sister to me and I’ll grudge-fuck the little whore for you. Hell I’ll even let you film me fucking your own sister. Best make sure the little whore likes to suck erection first cuz I’m tired of guys bringing me their little sister and the little twats have no clue how to suck a real erection. But then again, teaching your sister how to suck erection is always a lot of fun.

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In this case, Tommy’s little sister had fucked up his guitar and he wanted a little retribution. After reading my add in the local paper, he decided that filming his sister in her first smut video would be an fabulous way to get some retribution – and since I would be paying him to pimp out his sister, he couldn’t a little bucks for his sister’s shaved cunt.

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Tommy’s sister was a little shy at first but I did manage to get her disrobed – and discover that his sister had a faultless pair of substantial soft cans. I was even more pleased to see that his sister had a cute little fat vagina that tasted as good as it looked. In fact, before I let his sister suck my erection, I made sure I slobbered all over his sister’s fat little cunt.

maddy marks sucking a huge cock

Now, If you’ve never watched your sister having sex, then I recommend you give me a call and I’ll take care of it for you. Hell, I’ll even let you hold the camera.

Be sure to bookmark – and check back next week to see me stuff my erection in Tommy’s little sister.  Or you can see the entire DVD quality video clip right now at Bring Me Your Sister. Join today and get two bonus sites for no additional charge.

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Maddy Marks Fat Muff

I love a fat honey pot and it doesn’t matter if I’m stuffing it with a finger, a toy or my own fat dick – there’s nothing as sweet as the feel of a smoothly shaved teenage fat cunt and 18-year-old Glass Mannequin Girl Maddy Marks has one of the sweetest fat snatches I’ve ever tasted.

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Spanking Maddy’s fat Pussy

Of course, what good is a neighbor chick with a fat cunt if you can’t stuff it full with a fat dick? Spreading the teenage redhead’s ass-cheeks, I stuffed my dick as deep as possible and fucked her sweet little cunt as hard as I could. Now it’s not everyday that an old fucker like me gets to feel such a nice honey pot from the inside so I had to be careful not to jizz too soon – after all, we needed enough vid for you to wank to.

Stuffin The Muffin

Stuffin The Muffin

If you long for a cute chick to come back then you had better be able to make her happy and most of the perverted teenagers I know love to have their cunt’s stuffed and their clits played with. In Maddy’s case, she has a very sensitive clit so spreading her fat honey pot lips, I made sure I gave it all the love it deserved.

Maddy Marks Puffy Muffy

Maddy Marks fat Muffy

See the entire vid on Glass Mannequin today – join and I’ll throw in full access to all my sites giving you access to every porn Maddy marks has ever made.

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Violet Little Forced To Do Porno

Violet Little probably never would have become the pornstar she is today if it had not been for her brother. Yes, it was her brother that forced her to do her very first porno film for the sick fuckers at Bring Me Your Sister after she wrecked his play-station and had no way to pay him back. Seems her brother’s toys were more valuable to him than his sister’s chastity so when his cute petite sister couldn’t pay him back, the sick perv pimped her out in her very first porno film. Lucky for us, Violet Little loves cock and performing in front of the camera was more of a turn-on for her than her brother could ever have imagined – even if her brother was filming her fuck.

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Violet Little – Forced By Her Brother To Do Porn

Poor little Violet had no idea what her brother was up to when she got into the cars with him that day but soon after arriving at the old man’s apartment, she realized that the only way she was leaving is if she fucked the old bastard – then the real bombshell – her brother would be filming her fuck. Now how many teenage moms would be cool with their brother filming them in their first ever porno film?

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Violet Little’s Brother Agrees To shoot Her

But Violet was a trooper and decided that the only way to pay her brother back was to buckle down and take the old man’s throbbing cock deep in her shaved coed cunt- it didn’t take long for Violet to forget that her brother was only inches from her shaved little cunt and she started to really enjoy the sensation of the older man’s fat cock as it slid in and out of her wet little beaver. She was soon fingering her own clit and leaned back and moaned as she climaxed for the third time. Making porno was a lot more fun than she had ever imagined – and to be honest, having her brother there somehow made the experience more titillating and I’m pretty sure he enjoyed seeing his sister’s good-sized natural boobs bouncing as she fucked the old fucker as hard as she could.

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Violet Starts To Enjoy The huge Cock

You can see the entire film that Violet’s brother made of her fucking on Bring Me Your Sister – join today and get access to two additional amateur girl next door1tm porno sites at no extra charge.

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See My Sister Get Fucked

I told you I would be posting more free porno video clip films of the first-time amateur Cheyenne. This sexy teen’s brother was pissed off at her so he took his sister to the nice guys at and had that old fucker there grudge-fuck her as payback. If you like real homemade sex scenes then you’ll love the video clip Logan made of his sister fucking. Logan’s no pro with the camera but he sure got a few good closeups of his sister’s snatch. Logan’s sister did a pretty good job of shaving her teen snatch and this chick has a perfect little cunt – just made for fucking.

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As I said in the earlier post, Cheyenne had left her brother’s guitar out in the rain and her brother was looking for a little retaliation so he had me grudge-fuck the little skank as he made a homemade video of his sister fucking for himself. Now I know he was pissed but I still say I got the best of this deal – fucking his sister fo5r him while he filmed it – but then it would be just wrong if he had fucked his sister so I had no problem doing it fore him.

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And let me tell you, not only could Logan’s sister give pretty good hummer, she has one of the tightest teen pussies I’ve ever fucked. If I were you, I’d be watching for this horny skank on the streets and in the mall cuz this naughty sister knows how to fuck.

richard nailder shoots a huge load of cum all over cheyenne's tattooed teen tummy hot young mom cheyenne winters smiles after fucking in front of her brother

Now I know some of you are pretty picky when it comes to amateur teen snatch so I’ll let you enjoy these free video clip films of me fucking Logan’s sister – but if you lust after to see the entire homemade video clip then you should check out where I have all the movies of me fucking guy’s sisters as the horny brother’s shoot it. All of these babes are appearing in porno for the very first time so get the lube out and get comfortable – there is some faultless jerk-off material on

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Jazmine And Her Brother

Jazmin Taylor is a real nice girl but her brother pisses her off all the time so she pushed his lanky ass down the stairs and hurt the whiny bastard – now he wants to fuck his sister over as revenge. And he planned on filming the whole thing! Of course, he never told his sister before hand or the brunette cutie would have really hurt his stupid ass. In this picture of the siblings, Robert is laughing at his sister as she learns that she is going to have sex with Richard Nailder as he shoots it.

Sibling Rivalry jazmintaylor  amateur brunette milf hym bnts xxxp sisp gnd grudge landingstrip bfc oldny

Sibling Rivalry

Actually I was pretty surprised to see this hottie actually fuck the old man in front of her brother but after all the shit her brother had been giving her, she was probably ready to bend over and let her brother shoot her round amateur girl next door1tm ass as she took Richard Nailder’s thick erection deep in her sweet little honey pot. You can watch the HQ entire scene that her brother made of her on Bring Me Your Sister today.

Brother Films Sister In Her First Porn Video

Brother shoots Sister In Her First smut Video

Jazmin clothes her eyes and enjoys the fat erection of the older man as he slides it deep into her wet little honey pot. Feeling the older man’s hands on her oversized natural rack, she almost forgot that her brother was filming her having sex for the first time in front of a camera.

Brother Filming Sister Fucking

Brother Filming Sister Fucking

This sexy girl next door brunette can be seen on Bring Me Your Sister by clicking on the picture of her and her brother above.

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Horny Young Mom Cumming – Indica Young

Indica Young is one of the horniest young mom’s I’ve ever seen on the internet and this 2-minute amateur vid from Real Colorado Girls is just a little sample of a cute short real coed cumming – in fact, I’m not sure if Indica has multiple orgasms or just one continuous orgasm – but either way she looks like she would be a whole lot of fun to fuck.

Listing to such a short coed screaming “Ah ah oh right there oh yes, yes, yes, oh Richard ah ahh ahhhhhh fuck yes yes yes yes yes oh my God ahhhhhh, ahhh ahhh oh fuck fuck……. oh……. ah ah ahh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ohhhhhh…….fuck………………………..oh fuck…… oh my God ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ah……………… ahhhh hhhh hhhh hhhh hhh …………hhh……… oh……. ah fuck …….. ooh….. ah…. ooh…. ah…. ah…. ah…. oh.. fuck….. mm…. mm…. mm… oh… ah……… ahh ahh ahh ahh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh oh God oh God ahh ahh ohh ohh ahh ahh hahhh hahhh oh AHHH AHHH OHHH OHHHH OHHHH OHHHH OHHH FUCK AHH AHH AHH fuck baby……….. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..hh..OHHHHHHHHHHH………… ah ah…… oh fuck…..  oh………..” for two fucking minutes – no wait – I watched the entire clip and this coed cums a lot longer than just two minutes.

These are real orgasms – wave after wave of pussy pulsating, obscenity screaming, breath taking orgasms – imagine what it would feel like to be fucking this cute short blonde – with her wet little cunt pulsating on your cock with every thrust – then visit Real Colorado Girls and sign up to see the entire clip.

Real Colorado Girls – Real babes, Real Sex, Real Orgasms……

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Gracelynn Moans Fucking Her Neighbor

I know – I’ve been teasing you by releasing these free homemade sex shoot films of Gracelynn Moans in segments but what the hell – I need to pay for my blog and the best way to do that is to get you all excited about seeing more of this up-and-coming porno-star’s in some of her early homemade sex films. Now that you’ve seen her sucking schlong, it’s time to watch this round-bottomed Glass Mannequin teen riding the fat schlong of her friend Richard Nailder. Listening to the little tramp moan as the older man rams his fat schlong deep in the warm folds of her wet teen cunt, I can see why they call her “Gracelynn Moans” – and I like what I see, and hear.

Gracelynn loves to fuck and it’s obvious that she wasn’t distracted by the fact that her friend was holding a camera shooting POV with the nightshot of his handycam. I’m not sure if the cute teen had a clue that there were more cameras hidden in the room but I’m pretty sure it didn’t detract from the way she was fucking the perverted old bastard. In fact, I’d say that she was turned on by the fact that she was being filed – maybe that’s why this long-haired flaxen later decided to make porno her career after first making a few videos with her friend that runs Glass Mannequin.

Watching Gracelynn’s unspoiled cans as she fucks in this homemade shoot clip made me sigh back on to Glass Mannequin and watch the film in it’s entirety. This “real misbehaving Colorado teen” loved putting her round booty in the air and showing off her wet cum-filled cunt to the world – my kind of teen ;-)

See this and many more homemade amateur vids – only on Glass Mannequin – Join today and get full access to two additional sites featuring this perverted Colorado teen.

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