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It’s All My Brother’s Fault

I know it sounds like a cop-out but it’s all my brother’s fault that I got started in smut. The little muffy burnt his foot on my hair straightener and ran like a little coed to the doctor – costing him $300 in dollars that if her were a real man, he would never have had to pay. Anyway, my brother was all ass-hurt so he took me to this old man’s house – once there, the dirty old man said he could help me pay my brother back – all I had to do was fuck him while my brother filed it. And my errant brother was just sitting there grinning. I knew that my brother was lusting after a few pics of me bare but using the excuse of getting his coin back to persuade me to do smut was real low. But WTF – I’ve always wanted to make a smut video clip it’s just that I never imagined that my brother would be there filing his little sister fucking. So there I was on the old man’s couch, my brunette hair in the old bastard’s face, my over sized natural fun bags pointed in the air, my wet little muffy filled with an old man’s fat boner and my errant brother just feet away with a video clip camera filming his sister getting fucked on-camera for the first time. It kinda turned me on :-) .

Sabina Sweet

Sabina Sweet

But to tell the truth, I loved having the old man’s boner fill my little little muffy – almost to the bursting point. I even got used to my brother being there – and I know he love it. As soon as we got residence he was surfing the members area of Bring Me Your Sister, downloading my video clip and dozens of other sister-smut shoots. Sick fucker.

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Teenager Girlfriends

I just shot the sexy blonde coed Gracelynn Moans and her eighteen-year-old Mexican Girl girlfriend Maria Marez in their first nasty teenage lesbian movie for Glass Mannequin. Gracelynn and Maria had been living together and wanted to do a lesbian cunt muncher movie for their own viewing pleasure. I was more than happy to oblige the little cunts and soon Gracelynn had her face buried in her girlfriend’s tight wet teenage cunt. The cute 18-year-old Maria arched her back, poked her nice natural fun bags with sexy pierced nipples in the air and had her first woman cumming as her blonde girlfriend licked her fat clitoris and worked her fingers in and out of her shaved coed cunt.

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Girlfriends Fucking

The two freaky lesbians then grabbed two dildos and were soon lying on the bed scissoring as they stuffed the dildos in each other’s honey pot. Both sweethearts climaxed multiple times before collapsing on the bed exhausted from their lesbian cunt muncher sex-play.

Scissoring Lesbians

Scissoring Lesbians

See more of Maria and Gracelynn – only on Glass Mannequin – 100% exclusive content and members get access to two free bonus sites.

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Teenager Caught Fucking The Neighbor

Petite 18-year-old Delilah Daze had not planned on fucking the neighbor when she went to his place the other day but she soon found herself in the greenhouse with the old man getting her tiny teenager pussy stuffed to the brim with the old man’s fat cock…. and she loved it! See the clip – only on Real Colorado Girls

Teen Caught Fucking The Neighbor delilahdaze plts xxxp oldny gnd brunette bfc booty outdoor lnpls ittybitty petite

Teen Caught Fucking The Neighbor

Real Colorado Girls – real teenagers making real smut, 100%  exclusive content, bonus sites included.

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I Fucked The Old Bastard Again

I know – when I told you about my first experience on camera I was complaining about my brother pimping me out to the old bastard that runs Bring Me Your Sister but to tell the truth, I really liked being in front of the camera – even if my own brother was just inches away from my undressed shaved snatch with a camera as the old man fucked me harder than I think I’ve ever been fucked before. The old man sure liked me – I mean I have marvelous natural tits, a sweet little snatch and I enjoy sucking boner so here I am again – in front of the camera for the 2nd time, getting my over sized natural boobs mangled, my little snatch stuffed by an older man, and having another on-camera orgasm as my brother videos it all.

Sabina Sweet

Sabina Sweet Climaxes As Her Brother videos Her Fucking

I think I like this smut thing – it only sucks that my brother took all the dough. Next time I’m fucking the old man, I’m keeping the dough. You can see the free clips or download the entire movie on Bring Me Your Sister.

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Warning – Do Yourself A Favor…. Don’t Piss Me Off

I guess Demon’s little sister didn’t read his t-shirt because she really pissed her brother off when she wrecked his turntable. In fact, her brother missed a DJ job thanks to his little fucking sister – so what is a brother to do? He can’ fuck his own sister….. but he can pimp her skinny ass out, and if he’s lucky, he can shoot his little sister getting grudge-fucked. In fact – I think it turned this sick brother on to film his little sister getting fucked.

KiriStarr skinny brunette amateur teen ep sis xxx gnd plts

Video Of My Sister

Kiri’s brother got the coin for his turntable and he even kept a copy of the scene he made of his little sister fucking. You can see the scene on BringMeYourSister – join today and you get full access to two bonus first time porno sites: GlassMannequin and RealColoradoGirls

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Gracelynn Moans – Teenager Cocksucker From Colorado

Gracelynn Moans – also known as “Grace Lynn” did her first smut ever with our sister smut site Bring Me Your Sister. After her brother pimped her out, she decided she liked the idea of fucking on camera and kept calling us until we agreed to shoot more smut of this sexy blonde. Lucky for us, we have all of the first smut shoots this sexy Colorado teen – including this hot homemade smut shoot of our favorite new pornstar “Grace Lynn”  – or as we call her “Gracelynn Moans”.

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Gracelynn Moans Sucking A Fat Cock

This Glass Mannequin shoot was actually the third hardcore shoot Gracelynn made but she was already one of the best little cocksuckers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. As much as I loved the blowjob she was giving me, I wanted to feel my fat schlong deep in her terrific teen pussy. Bending her over the washing machine, Gracelynn spread her butt-cheeks and let me slide my throbbing schlong in her wet little cunt.

shaved teen pussy

Gracelynn’s terrific teen Pussy

If you yearn for to see all of Gracelynn’s first smut footage – then join Glass Mannequin today – as an added bonus, we’ll give you full access to Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls for the same price.

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Missy Ray Amateur Audition

Bring Me Your Sister grudge fucking your sister. In this film, Dale did a real good job of getting all the best angles of his tattooed and pierced cum dumpster of a sister as she fucked the old man for bucks. Of course – if you ask the brother, he had no interest at all in seeing his sister bare – but if you ask me, well, that’s a different story – maybe that’s because you can see the bulge in her errant brother’s pants throughout most of the film. In fact, it must have been a bit uncomfortable for the old fart having this teens sick brother poking him in the shoulder with his small little schlong but give the old fucker credit – he managed to fuck the guy’s sister pretty hard with his big fucking cock before cumming deep in her tight little cunt and letting his semen drip out as her brother stood there and watched – noting like getting a sticky creampie in your amateur porno audition.

my tattooed and pierced sister fucking - oldny brunette amateur

My Tattooed Sister Fucking

To see the entire film that Missy Ray’s brother filmed, visit  Bring Me Your Sister today.

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Andy San Dimas: The Dirty Guest!

teen brunette shaved pufm sfm nnts gnd
It is your all-time favorite smut star: Andy San Dimas! She took some super sexy pictures in my guest bathroom with some slutty red lipstick on. Yes, I am an old woman now, and old women do have guest bathrooms and bedrooms to match. Only in MY guest rooms, hot girls who get fucked on camera stay there…as opposed to other lame people’s guest rooms who just have like, in-laws in them.

MORE ALT smut images HERE

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Good Morning Colorado

Hi – I’m Gracelynn Moans and I do smut for fun as much as for the coin so when my friend Richard Nailder from Real Colorado Girls  invited me to make a scene while watching the Colorado sunrise. We packed up all the gear and headed to the mountains near where I live and we were soon making out as the sun rose over the prairies to the east lighting the Colorado Mountains to our backs…..

Gracelynn Moans and Richard Nailder Watching The Colorado Sunrise gracelynnmoans xxxp outdoor amateur blonde teen oldny gnd tattooed sbj pufm pierced shaved bfc

Gracelynn Moans and Richard Nailder Watching The Colorado Sunrise

Looking out to the east we watched the warm glow of the morning sky as Richard slipped his hands into my undies….. soon we were bot unclothed and I was on my knees sucking the old man’s fat penis. Nothing like a fat penis for breakfast and lucky for you, we brought the Real Colorado Girls camera crew along and filmed me getting my penis-breakfast as the sun rose.

Sucking Cock At Sunrise

Sucking penis At Sunrise

But I wanted a penis deep in my dripping wet puffy shaved cooch and my friend was more than willing to oblige me….  Imagine your penis posed to enter my tight little cooch – I can’t wait ;) – But in the meantime, you can download the full scene on Real Colorado Girls and start wanking now – In fact, you get over 25 froward movies and photo sets of me (and a hundred other teenagers) on three exclusive sites for one low price – join now and start wanking for real.

First Cock Of The Morning

First penis Of The Morning

The old man fucked my tight coed cooch as the sun crested over the horizon, it’s war glow on my body, I climaxed multiple times before the old man blew a load of hot cream all over my superb round butt. What a way to start a day – a Real Colorado Girls day.

First Orgasm Of the Morning

First Orgasm Of the Morning

If you like me – and hunger for to see more of my movies than anywhere else on the internet, then join Real Colorado Girls and start downloading. Join today and I’ll make sure you get full access to Bring Me Your Sister and Glass Mannequin for free.

XOXOXOX Gracelynn Moans

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Angel Cakes Brother Made Her Do Sister Smut

It’s well known that Angel Cakes first ever smut vid was filmed by her brother for a small amateur smut site called Bring Me Your Sister but few people know that her brother brought her back and filmed his sister fucking for the camera for a second time. Being the generous person that I am I thought I’d share a few photograph of the sibling sex fimed porn for you all to enjoy. The first picture of the super cute Angel Cakes and her brother was taken right after she agreed to let her brother shoot her fucking. You can tell from the sparkle in her eyes and the smile on her face that she’s looking forward to the fat dick of the old man that runs Bring Me Your Sister and the  fact that her brother would be within inches of her wet little cunt with a camera obviously doesn’t bother her at all.

Angel Cakes And Her Brother angelcakes xxxp sisp gnd plts booty bfc oldny teen amateur lnpls

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

When a teens shows up at Bring Me Your Sister for the second time, you can bet that the little tramp is seriously interested in getting into smut and Angel Cakes is no exception. In her first sister smut vid, she was a little uncomfortable  but this time, she was looking forward to showing off her cute smile, first-class perky knockers, awesome round booty and her puffy teen pussy. And althouh her brother claimed to be gay, he sure did a good job of getting plenty of closeups of his sister’s teen pussy – or maybe it was the old guy’s fat dick that was turning her brother on……..

Angel Cakes amateur sister porn video

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

Angel took to smut like a fish takes to water – and even with her brother filming her she was comfortable with her nudity and it showed. This coed will do well in smut and the guys at Bring Me Your Sister were lucky that she had a errant  brother that was willing to pressure her to do smut. In fact, if you ask me, we’re all lucky that this cute brunette’s brother forced her to do smut.

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

OK – I know you were all waiting to see Angel’s first-class round butt – and so I’ll throw in one picture of her brother filming her riding the fat dick of Richard Nailder in her second smut vid ever. As an butt lover I love watching Angel’s first-class butt riding up and down on a fat dick – and the fact that her own brother was filming it is a turn-on in itself so take a minute and imagine it you grasping Angel Cakes first-class round butt and slowly lowering her wet teen pussy onto your own throbbing dick.

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

Now get out your credit card and sign up for Bring Me Your Sister and finish the fantasy – do it now and get full access to two more sites featuring Colorado’s cutest teen brunette included at no additional cost.

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